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Code: Sphereometer
Our experience in the measurement of radius of curvature allows us to offer a diversity of spherometer
systems to suit our customers’ requirements. Features throughout our systems are:

  • Spherometer Rings Range of sizes available as kit or individually.

  • Each ring has a 3 ball location. The balls are precise tungsten carbide whose pitch is calibrated to give P.C.D accuracy of better than 1 μm

  • Gauge Dependent on accuracy required. These may range from independent digital clock gauge (accuracy 10μm) to Heidenhain linear gauge and readout (accuracy 0.1μm)

  • Analysing system Pre-programmed PSION palm top computer. This enables rapid calculation of results. Radius of curvature can be read directly by in-putting sagita height. Conversely if working towards a radius, by in-putting target radius, a target sagita height can be obtained.

  • Stand We have a compact rigid stand available. Used mainly on processes when it is preferred to offer the lens to the ring rather than the ring to the lens.

  • Optical Flats Available for zero setting of spherometer rings.

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